The NEWMAN WHEEL DRESSER MODEL #1 ( $78.50 ) is placed on the bed of the DAREX E90/E85 ENDMILL GRINDER as shown.

 The wheel of the dresser is set so it is only about 1/8" from the edge of the bottom of the wheel guard. Turn the dresser so it is at a 100 degree angle from the front of the grinder ways (bed). This angle setting locates the wheel so it is pointing straight at the face of the cup wheel.

TO TRUE WHEEL: The dresser is loosely placed on the bed of the grinder, now merely push the unit into the wheel. The dresser wheel will start rotating as the motor is running and will slowty true the face of the cup wheel. (It is not necessary to bolt the dresser to the bed.)

 After truing the wheel, take the white aluminum oxide dressing stick - touch it to the surface that you trued for several seconds. (This procedure pulls the resin bonding away from the crystals and makes the wheel abrasive again.)

 The unit can be ordered for dressing either a vitrifed wheel or a resin bonded CBN or Diamond vvheel.

 The NEWMAN dresser wheel needs to initially be trued once the customer receives it, Once this is done it normally does not need to trued again. Truing the wheel can be done on a surface grinder or a grinder where one can advance the dresser across the wheel with a feed system.


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